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FAQ & Elite Race Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do big group bookings?

Yes, we sure do please email


How old do you have to be?

Kids race is 4-year-old.

Adults Race is 13 years old.

In any case anyone under 18 years of age requires a parent or guardian signature on the waiver.

What is included?

A unique race experience with obstacles not seen before.

Race medal for all finishers

Sometimes there will be race shirts for early bird tickets – Keep an eye out on socials @reddustocr

How many laps can we do?

Kids can do multiple laps if it is safe to do so. We say one lap however if there is space and it is safe, we say go hard.

The Adult race is strictly one lap per entry.

Is there a place to shower?

Urban events may have a water down facility available. Pack a towel.

Rural races will have one.

Do spectators have to pay?

No, but while your spectating have you considered volunteering?


Full day volunteers get

  • Shirt

  • Free entry for adult

Shift Volunteers

  • Free race after shift

Volunteer a half, full or part day.

Do adults need to pay to escort their kids around the course?

Parents / Guardians are encouraged to escort their children through the course. However, obstacles are not designed for Adults so please refrain from using the kid’s obstacles.

What sort of obstacles?

Climbing rigs, Walls, Tunnels, Ropes, Nets, Crawl, Run and Walk-through different obstacles for varying skill levels. Adults obstacles Include a mix of new and existing obstacles. Some that have never been seen before in Australia or the rest of the world.

Are we required to sign the waiver?

All participants are required to complete a waiver. By purchasing a ticket, you admit you have read it and agree.

Can we get a refund?

No. Refunds are not accepted. Name transfer can happen only this does attract a $20 fee. You can do this by editing your ticket in your email.

Are we able to change the wave we have selected?

Yes, up to one week before the event you are to. If it is on event day, it will incur a $20 change fee cash only.

The wave I want is full and my friends are on it. Can I do anything?

Email through to

Up to one week before the event.

What should I do on race day?

Rock up 20mins before your wave, have a stretch, hydrate, and apply sunscreen. Enjoy the festivities. Snap a selfie tag #perthocr #reddustocr.

What is parking like?

Urban events parking will not be charged however limited parking on race days.

  • Carpool

  • Use Rideshare

  • Public Transport

Rural events will be $10 per car.

What do I do if I cannot do an obstacle?

If you are elite then you have rules and please check before you race.

If you are out there for a challenge and having fun and the obstacles is too hard or outside your ability skip it. There will be more to enjoy


Can we walk around with our friends and not use the obstacles?

Due to capacity limits, participant experience and insurances we can not have this happen.

Will I get wet or dirty?

Likely. But that depends how much fun you want to have.


What sort of fitness level is required?

Just like anything outdoors it is really about your ability. Some people will run their hearts out and fly over obstacles at speed. Whereas others enjoy walking or jogging around and tackling each obstacle with a bit of thought. So, pick your pace and enjoy it the way you would like.


Do you need to do it with a team?

You can. But you can enter a wave and join others to experience the course. Meet new people and have some fun.


Is it dangerous?

We make all our obstacles with a zero-harm approach. However, they are challenging and designed that way to be enjoyed and conquered. So, pick your obstacles and match it with your ability. Do not do it under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Read the signs. Do not dive into water. Respect other participants safety as well.


OCR Elite Rules

The rules apply only to Elite Racers competing in the Elite Wave or Battle of the gyms wave.

 All other waves are noncompetitive, and you complete the course to the best of your ability. If you cannot do an obstacle give it a miss and push on.


1. All obstacles must be completed as intended without help from easy option lane, booster blocks, framework, or other participants/spectators. Toblerone's must be completed in both directions.


2. Elite racers must give all obstacles a genuine attempt. Failure to complete an obstacle results in 20 penalty burpees.


3. An obstacle is first completed after the elite racer has rang the cowbell or passed the obstacle end line. The hoist is finished after passing the marked line and the load is safely lowered to ground level.


4. The Marshall has authority to pass or fail an obstacle attempt. Aggressive or abusive behavior towards Marshalls, volunteers or any other participant will lead to immediate disqualification.


5. The ground is out of bounds on following obstacles:

  • Hanging boards rig

  • Letter rig

  • Missing link rig

  • Sloth climb rig

  • Parallel bar traverse

  • Shield jumps

  • Balance beams

  • Zig Zag walls

  • Pole traverse


6. Elite racers are not allowed to use their legs or feet on following obstacles:

             - Hamster wheel

             - Missing link rig

             - Letter rig



7. Elite racers must go over the top of following obstacles:

             -Inverted bar climb

             - Overs

             - High wall

             - Inverted wall

             - Rope wall

             - Toblerone's (first time)


8. Elite racers must go under following obstacles:

              -Army crawl

              - Under

              - Toblerone's (second time)

              - Muddy crawl


9. NO ONE can use the straps, chains, and carabiners on the rigs.


10. In the event of a tied race video footage, GPS and all other attainable evidence will be used to determine the outcome of the placings by event management staff.


11. All decision appeals must be made on the day of the race. Video footage, GPS and all other attainable evidence will be used to determine an overturn or uphold of a decision.


12. Race directors’ decision is final.

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