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A Frame

Climb the net up and over the height is always fun.

Balance Beams

A series of beams that flex when you cross them requiring balance and coordination. A simple obstacle for the body a tricky one for the mind.

Chasing Better Sandbag Carry

A sandbag with many handles and varying weights a versatile bag that can be carried a number of ways. Pick up travel the route and return


Hamster Wheel

Starting with the devil’s ladder climb to reach the wheel, keep turning the wheel with your hands until the weight hits the bell. One hand at a time wins this obstacle. Please do not use your feet on the bars we do not want you to fall.

Hanging Boards

A series of boards hanging on a truss rig with cut-outs to place your hands and feet. Traverse through the boards keeping off the ground and ring that bell at the end.

Low Wall

Standing just over 600mm high, mainly an obstacle used in family races.


Mid Wall

Standing just over 1.2m high, Scale the wall


High Wall

Scale this tall obstacle and climb over. 


Inverted Wall

A little trickier as this requires you to scale and climb without the bounce off the wall. Then you get to slide or sprint down the other side. Easy blocks in red if needed.


Letter Rig

The letters R E D D U S T traverse the rig using the letters and ringing the bell at the end. Easy lanes on this rig consisting of rings, candles, holds and various other hanging grips. Traverse to the end and ring the bell. Commonly found on the letter rig is an easy lane.

1G8A6349 (1).jpg

Missing Link


A unique obstacle for OCR events in Perth this requires a level of coordination and grip. Pick up your two bars and swing from one to the other taking the bars with you as go. The bars spin. A new addition in 2021 is the squared ends peg if you wish to give a slightly easier option a go.

Zig Zag Walls

A series of walls in a zig zag with blocks to place your feet and hands. Ring the bell at the end.


Reel Deal

Laying on your back reeling it in by your feet. Or scaled by reeling in with your hands. Grab the rope and drag to reset. 

1G8A6341 (1).jpg

Muddy Crawl

Drop down crawl under the net and through the mud. The person who gets the muddiest wins this obstacle by one.

Overs and Under

Jumping over the tall and sliding, rolling, or crawling under the short one.

Parallel Bars

Once you cross the first black bar using your hands and arms to slide or shimmy your way through without touching the ground until you pass the second black bar.

Rope Wall

Rope hangs from the front side scale grab the rope and climb over the top.

Shield Jumps

Using your feet either with speed and tapping through them quickly or taking it slow and doing one.

Sloth Climb

Traverse the obstacle underneath using your hands, hands, and feet or as you see fit. Ring the bell at the end with your hand. Keep your feet off the mat once you begin the obstacle.

Spider Web

Generally found in areas with dense trees these webs are weaved through trees make your way through the best way you can.


A two-way obstacle. Generally used in a crossover point in the course. One way is climbing on top, and the other way is crawling through. An obstacle that is used in both adults and kids' races.

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